the weather, man.

The warming up of the environment is one of my favorite fucking feelings in the world. I feel compelled to swear to emphasis the point. There is just so much nostalgia surrounding good times, being outside. Last summer, god last summer was phenomenal. The romance of that summer will forever be a cherished memory of mine.(in a letter to lauren: Six months have passed since the best summer of my life, the simple joys that made up our romance that summer will forever be ones that I long for. I just wanted to share that with you now in hopes that it brings you the same peaceful joy. ) are one I w I just feel so compelled to share this with someone! I wanna sit outside all the time, its just such feeling. Even after all the increases in vocabulary I’m no better at putting my feelings into words. lol. I wanna tell Lauren, I wanna tell Bob I wanna tell Hannah! I think that is what it is, whenever I run into something that makes me think of somebody and a specific time I feel compelled to share that with them and reminisce briefly. and the summer is the biggest fucking time period to associate experiences with. I mean I wanna text preston and say remember that time we were tripping on mario and luigi power ups and biking around and eventually going to Sams/Kjells house? Like ahhhhh. Let me have those times back, let me forever live that paradise. Maybe that is the draw of such a life in perfect weather. Sometimes I wonder if I could harness this sense of wonder if I lived in a climate that was near perfect all the time. What does that look like? or is that just a facade that I’ve been sold by Florida/Arizona ambassadors. Do those places exist? Id like to find out. Ill see ya later, but know that I’m leaving now with a smile on my face and the urge to do anything but relish in the warmth of the world 🙂

the weather, man.

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