So a problem with modern day psychology is that it seems to be over publicized as a useless liberal arts degree that everyone has. “You can do anything with it but serve coffee”

Another problem is that normal people, outside the world of psychology, don’t see it usefulness. They can either minimize psychologies claims to “folk wisdom” or “I already knew that” Here is the trouble, psychology doesn’t want to be considered only folk lore, relying on general observations that seek to explain how everything works in one theory. They are trying their damnedest to become a legitimate science, like chemistry or physics, and that prohibits a lot of peoples understandings because your no longer using every day vocabulary. See when psychology first started in the early 20th century, you had psychologist trying to explain the entire scope of human nature with their theories. This leads to one major problem: there was no way for you to falsify these theories. They are based a single persons observations about the world and they are made to make sense of everything, no matter how “far out” their ideas. This is where you find a lot of the common folk lore language and admittently a lot of it makes sense, I get it. Psychology decided it wanted to be a science so they scrapped that model and started running empirical tests. Tests that could be proven wrong or right, depending on the data. The data was the key to a right answer. AND EVEN THEN! one study does not make something true. In fact it takes several studies, all producing similar data, all of their methods reviewed by their peers to explain one little piece of a puzzle. Never has one study proven anything, only added to the collection of knowledge to use for asking the next set of questions.


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