How would you describe these guys and their work? Its a nice balance between practicality and environmental conservation. Although they call seek a goal of being carbon negative, offsetting all of their carbon emissions with funding for trees to be planted in ecuador, they are not pompous about it. They are very down to earth and compete towards this goal quietly. They are not boastful nor degrading towards those that are not. Its a wise, mature trot toward their goals. Not seeking constant attention and praise for their efforts.. how do you find that balance.. is that the the balance that one should seek to fine? If you seek to find a balance between constant attention and forward progress are you accepting those two alternative premisses as the only options.

How did I see chipotle doing it differently? They didn’t really go about boasting their stats all that much. They did it in store with their incredible business model and customer service. They provided a service that people felt was an incredible deal, a huge burrito for 7 bucks. This burrito was delicious! perfectly crafted AND you could get it until 10pm and made to order within 5 minutes  of walking into the store. How does it get better than that in the restaurant world? Does the stores physical atmosphere matter that much? not really, as long as it wasn’t appealing. HERE is the thing. It was a new kind of business model, this fast casual. I think that model works (AS LONG AS YOUR NOT THE CREAMERY)


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