Taking things for granted

So I moved out of my apartment in a flurry of panic. I thought I was going to have to come up with extra money to pay for tuition and it turns out that I only need to come up with 600 dollars. We doesn’t seem like a whole lot but I literally didn’t ad a thing to my bank account this past semester. Although I do spend quite a bit of money on new relationships.. making new friends is expensive lol what I’m trying to say is that I totally over reacted, which is something I pride myself on not doing, and moved out prematurely. Its kind of made things way over complicated, I guess I did it in a very backwards way. Instead of trying to further simplify my life I made it more complicated by trying to exploit a bunch of loop holes in my life, which effectively results in exploiting people.

I guess in this situation I just started to focus on the negatives of the situation and didn’t really realize all of the great things I had going for me at that house. AT THE SAME TIME, I no longer have to deal with Conor living in the kitchen. Which was a very constant annoyance and I think thats what caused it to swell up and for me to become motivated to move out. That every day reminder of him there… when in ALL TRUTH, i never even tried to get him to leave the kitchen. So, ya know. Ive been doing a pretty bad job of doing the things that I would tell myself to do in these situations.

I wonder what thats about… I want to say its because I’m very busy and stretched thing across a lot of different sectors of my life. So this leaves me always having to juggle things. Something that allowed me to be so dogmatic in the past was the incredible simplicity of my life situation. Having mass amounts of free time, not really worried about things. This is very similar to how I imagine life was like back 150 years ago where you have people living life just enough to survive. This allowed people plenty of free time to debate and think, when there weren’t so many distractions and one had to focus on something. Bringing about the focus of morals/values.

I really do need to get back to simplifying my life. Maybe just keeping things simple, not worrying about things, just doing them. Ya know, that easy thing you can say in one sentence but have to practice your whole life?

Taking things for granted

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