Finding Love

It seems that I have no trouble finding love. I am a young attractive male and I think that has a lot to do with it. I think I am so hesitant because I’m not sure that I am ready for another serious relationship. How does one end a serious relationship? Start to not give a shit about the other person and drift away spinelessly? I need human connection but I’ve done a fairly poor job of being able to do that without coming up against the barrier that is love. That continued affection for another person that complicates things.

Something I realized today was the I have many conflicting values. Some are telling me to hunker down and solely focus on my future and others are saying to go enjoy life. I know I need to be able to do both but then what do I cut out? all the endless bullshit from Facebook? stupid people? Do I just focus on building meaningful relationships with my small circle now? or do I cut these ties once more and leave myself with no support system..

Finding Love

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